Exhibition Booth and Equipments Rental Service for customers who want to exhibit and launch their products or exhibit their products in an event. Suitable for customers who:
  • Have a limited budget and want to save cost.
  • Does not want to buy, own, or keep the exhibition equipment.
  • Infrequent use or 1-time use.
  • Lack of the skill and professional team to set up the Exhibition Booths.
  • Want a professional unique booth design that stands out to reflect and promote their brand image and products.
Our Company offers Exhibition Equipment and Booths Rental Service. We also provide the setting up/dismantling service onsite by our professional staff.

1. Standard Booth Lists Available For Rent


All Express Booths -> Click Here


2. Fabric Backdrop Available For Rent

เช่าฉากถ่ายรูป, เช่าฉากออกบูธ, เช่าฉากสินค้า, เช่าฉากออกบูธพับเก็บได้, เช่าBackdrop ผ้า, เช่าแบคดรอปผ้า , เช่าแบ็คดรอปผ้า, เช่าฉากถ่ายรูปผ้า, เช่าป๊อปอัพผ้า , เช่าแบคดรอปผ้าออกบูธ, เช่าแบคดรอปผ้า, เช่าแบ๊คดรอปผ้างานพิมพ์ด้วยผ้า, เช่าแบคดรอป, เช่าแบ็คดรอป,

Pop Up Plus Frame -> Click Here

  • Width: Customizable upon request
  • Height:  2.25M / 2.40M / 3.0M
Fabric Backdrop Renting Period: 1-5 days***

3. Lists of Standard Booths and Exhibition Equipment Available For Rent


Pop Up, POP UP S, Mini POP UP, Mini POP UP S – > Click Here


Conditions For Renting Standard Booths and Exhibition Equipment

  • Booths and Exhibition Equipment Renting Period: 7 days or less.
  • Renting price: 15% of the products selling price.
  • Setup/Dismantle service fee: depending on the size of the Booth.
  • Bangkok Metropolis Area Shipping Cost: 400 baht.
  • Other Province Shipping Cost: Distance + Weight + Labor and Accommodation Cost/ Day.
  • Tables, Chairs, and TV/LED Screen set are available for rent for an extra cost (Please inform our sale person).


  • Renting Period Includes Saturday, Sunday, and other National Holidays. 
  • All Booth Renting Service MUST buy printings with our company (except POP UP PLUS).
  • The above prices are subject to 7% VAT.
  • Foldable Brochure and PR Counters are not available for rent.
Contact Us for Renting Booths and Exhibition Equipment at Contact Us or Line ID: @adon

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